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“Gender Network in Samegfrelo Region “ was created on March 2010, in Zugdidi., which i includes 14 women’s NGO.
The goal of the Network is – consolidation of organizations working on gender problems in establishing the civil society, popularization and coordination of cooperated women to solve women’s problems effectively.
The network Geography is spread throughout the whole region (Zugdidi, Khobi, Martvili, Poti, Tsalenjikha, Chkorotsku).

Members of Network are:

1. Association “Merkuri”-
2. “Tanaziari” Reabilitation and Development Charity center
3. Association “Samegrelo-Medea”
4. Association “Imedi”- IDP Women Movement for peace
5. Institute of Legal Protection
6. Association for Supporting of IDP-s Rehabilitation and Cultural Development “Dioskuria” –Poti
7. Association of Disabled People of Tsalenjikha – Coordination of Informational Centre in Tsalenjikha
8. Union “Macne”
9. Association “Okros sacmisi
10. Iniciative group-Chobi –
11. Association “Salbuni”- Martvili
12. The Association of young psychologists and doctors “Ksenoni”
13. Independent Media-Center

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