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filia_logo.png    Gender Network in Samegrelo Region

         Memorandum of Coordination



Non-governmental organizations on gender issues in samegrelo Region

Recognize the existence of gender issues in the region, the members of the network in order to solve the problems together and have their own interests in network participation

Agree to the following: /give their consent/

The organizations signing this memorandum create a Gender Network in Samegrelo Region and arrange the framework of Gender cooperation on:

a)      To forester democracy, human rights and freedom, to respect democratic principles and women’s and men’s equal rights in all aspects of society;

b)      to promote women’s active participation in establishing civil society;

c)      raising the level of women’s justice, promoting local women’s activation in public and political life, establishing the skills in protecting their own rights;

d)      assisting education of women and healthcare.

Memorandum doesn’t limit the types of cooperation. Parties can cooperate in all issues according to their interests.

Here with, members of network undertake the activities:

a)  Exchanging of all kinds of information’s about their activities,  publication of news, literature

b)  To assist the organizations united in the network by using internal and external resources

c)  Planning and arranging meetings, joint actions on problems and relevant articles/ topics

d)  Preparation of joint projects and fundraising to fulfil them for various activities.

The board will be elected by the members of Network with agreement

Memorandum has no time limit. Any member can stop cooperation within the network, sending the letter a month before to all members of the network. If the cooperation is stopped and there’s  unfulfilled obligations or disagreement in some article the parties will solve these problems by the way of negotiations.

It’s possible to add some changes by sending signed letters by the members of Network.

Memorandum is valid from the moment of signature of the members. Memorandum is signed in 13 copies. Each of the copy has the equal rights one copy will be given to all members of the organization.

  1. Association “Merkuri”
  2. Association “Samegrelo-Medea”
  3.  “Tanaziari” Rehabilitation and Development Charity centre
  4. Association “Imedi”- IDP Women Movement for peace
  5. Institute of Legal Protection
  6. Association for Supporting of IDP-s Rehabilitation and Cultural Development “Dioskuria”
  7. Association of Disabled People of Tsalenjikha
  8. Union “Macne”
  9. Association “Okros sacmisi”
  10.  Initiative group-Chobi
  11. Association “Salbuni”
  12. The Association of young psychologists and doctors “Ksenoni”
  13. Independent Media-Center